The ‘Encuentro de Brujas’ takes place on the site ‘Oud Sint-Jan’, located in the heart of Bruges. One of the first hospitals of Europe was already located on this site in the Middle Ages. The medieval Sint John’s Hospital was once one of the largest urban settings for the sick and poor. The nurses who worked there left a lot of stories, objects and works of art. These are still kept in the same place. Furniture, paintings, sculpture and pieces of art are exhibited in the Memling Museum, also on the site, where the visitor can experience a history of 800 years.

In 1976 the hospital was decommissioned. Afterwards, it was restored and since 1989, the site serves as Oud Sint-Jan congress, events and arts center.

Dance Hall

On the second floor you will find the welcome desk where you can check in and get all the information you need. We have a large number of coat stands available and separate spaces to get dressed up before heading for the dance floor.
Free drinks (coffee, tea, water) and snacks will be offered at one end of the dance floor. Some fine shoes and clothes will be for sale. At the other end you can buy excellent local beers, wine and cava or relax in the lounge chairs.

And last but not least, enjoy the splendid ballroom with a vast wooden dance floor (17 m x 34 m), an excellent sound system and customised lighting.


On the site Oud Sint-Jan, adjacent to the dance hall, we have also the Meersenhuis where you can take a dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 18.30 and 21.30. All dinners are prepared with organic food. Every evening our chef offers soup, salad bar, main cours (also veggie) and dessert.


Site Oud Sint-Jan is easily accessible and within walking distance of the train station. When you leave the station (side Bruges), cross the street and follow the signs via Oostmeers and Zonnekemeers. You can either enter the site at the east side (Oostmeers – where the ‘Meersenhuis’ is situated) of from the south side (Zonnekemeers).



Site Oud Sint-Jan
Entrance Oostmeers or Zonnekemeers