You will find the registration form on this site as from Wednesday 22 May 2019 – 22.00 local time.

The Encuentro de Brujas is a private event reserved to accepted people only. We will accept a maximum of 250 dancers.

Making a selection of all the motived and nice registered dancers is not easy.
We try to do it as accurate and objective as possible. Our intention is to create an ”international event for experienced close embrace dancers”.

We use around seven criteria for the selection:
– experienced dancers
– experienced “close embrace” dancers
– experienced “international event” dancers
– already well-known and unknown dancers in Bruges
– perfect balance between leaders and followers
– balance between several registered countries
– age-balance

It is not about ‘first come, first take’ and not about personal connections. Sometimes it turns the other way around because the limit of a county has been reached, others dancers are more experienced, or we are looking for more younger dancers to get a better age-balance.

Registration is obligatory and only full pass registration is possible. We work exclusively with single registrations. That means you do not have to look for a dance partner to subscribe! Sure, if you like to come with your life partner, you will have the possibility to indicate this on the registration form.

After you have sent the registration form, you will receive a mail confirming good receipt of your registration. We will inform you as soon as possible if you have been selected for our event. Your registration will final after your payment has been received.

The confirmation to participate is personal and cannot be transferred to another person without the authorisation of the organiser.