THURSDAY 31 October

(c) Rainer Musholt Fotografie

Tango DJ Jack (Belgium)

DJ Jack, organiser of Encuentro Boca Antwerp and Milonga Milonguera Kwartier in Antwerp. In 20 years of tango dancing he evolved to the milonguero style. He is TDj for more than 10 years, playing sets at milongas, festivals and encuentros in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

He always chooses danceable energetic feel good music from the Golden Age Orchestras in function of the dancers on the pista.

Tango DJ Jack host the pre-milonga – Thursday 31 October 2019: 20.00 – 01.00

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FRIDAY 1 November

(c) Jean-Pierre Van Loocke

Jean-Pierre Prinzie (Belgium)

Since 2014 DJ Prinz has put smiles on the faces of dancers. He is a household name in Belgium and was spotted at milongas, encuentros and festivals in Europe, Russia and Canada. He loves to shape the energy of the milonga, continuously playing with tandas of a different intensity, offering a wide range of orchestral styles and refreshing cortinas. He cares about the dance floor, delivering nicely structured and yet playful sets that make you want to dance on and on. Whether at a local milonga or an international venue, the ingredients remain the same: dancing pleasure, the traditional repertoire and lots of smiles. Let’s glow!

DJ Prinz hosts the afternoon milonga – Friday 1 November 2019: 14.00 – 19.00

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(c) GEFF

Lucena 'La Morocha' (Portugal)

Lucena lives tango fully and intensively, in particular the context of the milonga, which is reflected in her DJ set. ‘Musica para la pista’, balanced between powerful rhythmic and melodic tandas, she pulls people from their seats and keeps them dancing! When she DJs you can feel her with you, at the dance floor.
Her desire to DJ came naturally with constant travels to BsAs and deep contact with the milongueros and DJ’s which influenced her feeling of what should be the magic of the milonga.

She organizes and DJs at Milonga Brava, in Lisbon, for eight years, and has been invited to DJ in Europe and Asia at international encuentros, festivalitos and local milongas. Lucena is also the organizer of ‘Te Quiero Lisboa! Encuentro Re-Milonguero’ in November, which is in it’s 7th edition.
‘La Morocha’: “I just place myself in the dance floor and I flow tanda after tanda with my intuition! I’m absolutely in love with ‘DJing’!”

DJ Lucena hosts the evening milonga – Friday 1 November 2019: 21.30 – 02.30

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SATURDAY 2 November

(c) Jean-Pierre Van Loocke

Gabriella Marchesi 'La Pirucha' (IT)

Gabriella entered the tango world in 1995 and immediately bought a lot of tango CD's and listened intensively to the music. She was so hooked that only one year later she founded the first tango association in her hometown Bergamo. After working on her dance level, studying with internationally renowned maestros and practicing contemporary dance, she started giving lessons herself.

She has read many books about the history of tango and its lyrics. To grasp more of the tango culture she started studying Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires. During her trips, she attended a lot of the traditional milongas.

For more than fifteen years she had the pleasure to delight Italian and foreign tangueros with her musical selections, partially based on tangos she personally transferred from 33 and 78 rpm supports. She is eager to play them in Bruges!

DJ Gabriella Marchesi hosts the afternoon milonga – Saturday 2 November 2019: 14.00 – 19.00

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(c) Ivo Chaveau

(c) Ivo Chaveau

Igoris Saburov (Lithouania)

Igoris loves all tango music. In milongas he prefers to ply music of the Golden Era, but he is not categorical and tris to feel the interest of the dancers.

He has been DJ'ing all over the world since 2015: Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Russia in all kind of events.

DJ igoris hosts the evening milonga – Saturday 2 November 2019: 21.30 – 02.30

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SUNDAY 3 November

Christine y Torsten TJ-Duo (Germany)

This is their favourite milonga cocktail:

  • 5 cl thirties & forties each
  • 1 spoonful of sextets
  • maybe a pinch of fifties
  • 1 Pugliese-Cherry
  • add optional cream and pepper
  • no ice

Served with tasty cortinas.

Christine y Torsten host the afternoon milonga – Sunday 1 November 2019: 14.00 – 19.00

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(c) SDH

Marie-Jeanne Sylvie (Belgium)

Marie-Jeanne started dancing tango in 1995 and Dj-ing in 2002. She started out in her hometown Ghent (Belgium) and since she has been DJ'ing in all Flemish cities, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, on regarl milongas, festivals and encuentros.
Djee Mjee tries to seduce, inspire and surprise the dancers with tandas from the late 20's to the early 50's with occasionally contemporary interpretations.
She alternates romantic, rhythmic and lyrical tandas with surprising cortinas, taking into account the energy and flow of the dancers.

DJ Marie-Jeanne Sylvie hosts the after party – Sunday 3 November 2019: 21.00 – 01.00

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