DJ Vincent Lam (Canada)

Vincent Lam from Vancouver, Canada has been dancing tango for fifteen years and spinning tunes both digital and vinyl records in the Pacific Northwest and at Encuentros, Marathons & Festivals throughout North America, Sweden and Japan for the past eight. Vincent favours traditional tangos, mixing his tunes with a sense of fun and romance. Vincent enjoys photography and travel, but of course, all revolving around tango.

DJ Vincent Lam hosts the pre-milonga – Thursday 30 April 2020: 20.00 – 01.00

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(c) Artus Orskis

Ieva Drevina (Latvia)

Ieva started to DJ in 2008. She played in local milongas and for 9 years she is running her own regular milonga “Balta Pirts”. Ieva is also the organiser of several encuentros in Latvia and Estonia. As an international DJ she was playing music in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Russia and Belarus.

Ieva plays traditional music - mostly tango of 30's and 40's with occasionally older and younger tandas. When DJ-ing she tries to create smooth flow of music – all her tandas and cortinas makes one united story of the milonga. She tries to connect with the dancers on the dance floor, feel their energy and mood to offer them pleasant, danceable, interesting and energetically charging music with a slight sentimental touch.

DJ Ieva Drevina hosts the afternoon milonga – Friday 1 May 2020: 14.00 – 19.00

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DJ Silencio Azul (Portugal)

For Silencio, DJ'ing is an art of caring about what drives us to dance – the music. This task takes anyone that wishes to do it well to study all his life. He expects a tango DJ to have the ability to put himself in the place of everyone on the dancefloor (and in the milonga) and, therefore, choose with coherence, focus on the dancefloor, intelligence, altruism and intuition.

Silencio chooses carefully each musical piece and tries to find, among the variety of the “musical emotions” the ones that best harmonises with each “milonguero”.

He starts with the “spirit of each Orquestra Típica” and, with each dancer, he aims to choose and contribute so that each and every single one present in the milonga can live a beautiful and happy experience.

To DJ in traditional milongas an Encuentros milongueros is a responsibility he treasures because with “milongueros” giving deep importance to the love for the embrace and (the interpretation) of the music. Also due to this the milonga is, already, closer to the feeling of “a dance heaven”.

DJ Silencio Azul hosts the evening milonga – Friday 1 November 2020: 21.30 – 02.30

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(c) Thibault Cresp Photography

DJ's Veronika & Vlad (Czech Republic)

Tango is part of their life style. Veronica & Vlad are dancers, Dj's and also collectors. They play at local milongas and also on international events. You can hear them as a duo or separated. If they play together, they usually play in the following sequence: first and last song of the tanda one DJ, the middle of the tanda second DJ and next tanda they change. 

No, they can not tell you what is their most favourite orchestra. Every orchestra is unique and has it's own story. That is the most amazing about tango: if you hear one song in two different situations you will have different feelings.

DJ's Veronika & Vlad host the afternoon milonga – Saturday 2 May 2020: 14.00 – 19.00

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DJ Salima Barzanti (Italy)

By chance that Salima discovered the world of tango and the “consolle”. Since then, however, she has never stopped. With character and originality, musical wisdom and ability to interpret the “mood” of the dancefloor, study the history of tango and innate taste for “beauty”, Salima has brought her musical selection to stable milongas and encuentros throughout Europe, from Italy to Germany, from Austria to Portugal, from France to Belgium, from Sweden to Great Britain. 

The Blumilonga of Conegliano is her "home" since 2014, when, under the motto "first of all the energy on the dancefloor”, she began an intense activity as a musicalizador at Italian and international level. She knows how to give to the dancefloor the magic of classic and "special" tandas, mixing orchestras more and less "known" with never banal sensibility.

Salima Barzanti hosts the evening milonga – Saturday 2 May 2020: 21.30 – 02.30

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DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser (Belgium)

On special occasions Jens-Ingo does DJ-sets from his vinyl collection, without using a computer but with the same high standards as if he would. The pure analog sound has a magical effect on the dancers. This is related to how the music was recorded during the Golden Age: direct-to-disc. A great deal of the emotions we feel while dancing to these recordings derives from this circumstance! Sanju Chiba puts it best: ‘For me, listening to analog music makes me peaceful and relaxed.

DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser hosts the afternoon milonga – Sunday 3 May 2020: 14.00 – 19.00

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(c) Claude Chen

Tango DJ Prinz (Belgium)

Since 2014 DJ Prinz has put smiles on the faces of dancers. He is a household name in Belgium and was spotted at milongas, encuentros and festivals in Europe, Russia and Canada. He loves to shape the energy of the milonga, continuously playing with tandas of a different intensity, offering a wide range of orchestral styles and refreshing cortinas. He cares about the dance floor, delivering nicely structured and yet playful sets that make you want to dance on and on. Whether at a local milonga or an international venue, the ingredients remain the same: dancing pleasure, the traditional repertoire and lots of smiles. Let’s glow!

Tango DJ Prinz hosts the after party – Sunday 3 May 2020: 21.00 – 01.00

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